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TH Tech Group is an organization dedicated to the training of law-abiding citizens who seek to learn how to protect themselves and their families. We offer step by step training and guidance from beginning to end.
We offer one on one training and group training sessions.
We are able to assist you in selecting a firearm that best fits your needs. Training you on operation, maintenance and appropriate storage.
All courses offered are basic entry level to advance courses.

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How do I apply for a Handgun Qualification License?

the application process will be automated on the Maryland State Police Licensing Division webpage.
Upon completing an approved HQL course you will need to complete:
Livescan fingerprints
Passport size photo and upload all of these items to complete the online application.

Can I legally transport my regulated firearm to the range?

Yes, however, Maryland and Federal laws require specific conditions be met while transporting a handgun. Please refer to Maryland Annotated Code, Criminal Law, Title 4, Section 203 for a detailed account of wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun. You may access the Maryland General Assembly website at You can access the Federal requirements through and conduct a search for “27 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 178” and then look for “Transportation of Firearms.” The basic requirement during transport is the handgun must be unloaded and in an enclosed case or enclosed holster with the ammunition separate from the handgun AND you must be transporting the handgun to or from the locations listed in the statute.

I have a permit/CCW from my state. Is this valid in Maryland?

No.  Maryland does not recognize permits/CCWs from any other state.

How old do I need to be to take your training?

Anyone over the age of 15 and shows a clear ability to follow instructions and take corrective actions.

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"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Sun Tzu

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We're Here to Serve

8911 Clement Ave. Parkville, MD 21234


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All training is geared to make you better prepared and comfortable with your own personal safety.

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